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watercolor wonders

Greetings Tracy, from the northern hemisphere. I have something really special that I want to share with you this week. Lately I have be...

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

watercolor wonders

Greetings Tracy, from the northern hemisphere.

I have something really special that I want to share with you this week.

Lately I have been very interested in watercolours. The only time I have ever used them was at school and needless to say the experience did not leave me wanting. I am not sure if it was the real flimsy school grade pans or the fact that I was so used to the opacity and intensity of powder paints but either way my heart sank a bit everytime the teacher announced that watercolours were to be  the choice of the day.

Flash forward to present day and my views are very, very different. Every little quelm I had about them has been busted by watching true watercolour artists at work. I have seen not only great density in the colours but also amazing vibrant colours that school pans lacked. I have even come to drool to over watercolour washes and dipped my toe in the watercolour world with a pocket letter I made using solid watercolour washes.
Now I  don't really want to invest in really some expensive,  artist quality watercolours as I really cannot guarentee this new found inquisitivy and being a crafter space is also of the essence.  At present I have to make do with , my distress inks which work really nicely but just somehow don't feel as authentic as I would like, that is until now.......

I just watched an amazing video on youtube by one of my favourite artists,  kattvalk, and she is showcasing something very innovative and creative to say the least. Enter Viviva watercolour sheets. An innovation which is going to be really interesting to see grow . It is still at funding stage but with free shipping and all the perks these little sheets showcase, it is only a matter of time. They had me at "free international shipping". As anyone from outside the continental US knows, shipping can usually add up to double if not more than the price of your purchase, not just that but the perks of your donations are amazing, and even equating to a free wooden case for your colours for a successful referral.

One of the great advantages of these products are the size. As a craft horder I cannot  think of anything more convenient than having 16 watercolour pigments in your pocket!!! I mean not only do the colours look vibrant but the price does not burn a hole in your pocket.... and may I mention again the free international shipping?

I cannot wait to get my hands on these little books when they come out and I will be very sure to share my experience with you.

You can find them here at the indiegogo site. Alternatively you could head over to Kattvalk on youtube where she is currently having a give away and not only can you stand a chance to win two... yes TWO coloursheets but  is also giving away a print of her work as well to the lucky winner. This prize is extremely generous and the person who wins this will be a very lucky cat indeed. *ALSO* Kattvalk has given us 4 entries each,  how cool is that? You have nothing to lose so head on over now.

Good Luck everyone and may the best person win. Hopefully by the next post I will be have my hands on some of these and perhaps try them out for myself.

Till next time,

*As a side note,  I am in no way sponsored or affiliated with any company, just a very excited crafter and consumer who is waiting in anticipation for a new product.*

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