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Tuesday, 31 January 2017

To new beginnings

Hi there Tracy,

I was just thinking to myself "what better time to set goals for yourself than the beginning of the month?"and I have felt lately that I have been neglecting my growth when it comes to my art. I like to think of it as a line graph and sometime last year I really hit a growth spurt in my art in terms of colouring and line drawing and then 'life happened' and I saw a decrease in my interest and drive. While I love my crafting and I have had such fun making new things  I just feel I should pick up where I left off and hopefully I have not forgotten too much.

So where do I start? I suppose where I left off and that was by watching Youtube. I used to watch plenty of videos every day and followed all the popular (and not so popular but equally good) youtubers. I have decided that I want to develop my  style so I have decided to try a few and blend and take the best from each till I find a style I am happy with.  For the month of February I want to try Disney style which I really admire, it appeals to my inner child and reminds me of a simpler time that was my childhood. I would love to share my progress with you and hopefully by the end of the month I will be able to come up with some Disney style work of my own... fingers crossed! I really want to try some other styles too like manga but I will see how far I get in the first month.

Hopefully by the next post I will have some progress and will be able to share with you what I found worked for me (and probably what didn't) and  which videos I have found helpful.

I know we have such different styles and our own interpretations of art and I specially love seeing your growth. I am so lucky to have a friend with whom I can share this passion and learn from. It has been such a journey with you up till this point and I cannot wait to see where we go from here.

Till next my friend,  keep well and stay arty,
This was the last peice that I worked on. I was happy with it at the time
as I felt it really captured the essence of my style.

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