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Thursday, 19 January 2017

The glee of three

Nasreen here, with the third installment of our ATC series. My theme for today was to be a bit abstract. The word "create" is sort of a motto for most crafters. It reminds us to make things and also to do what we love.

I tried a bit of mixed media for this ATC. There are so many ways in which one can be creative and each crafter knows their own style but it is nice to branch out a bit and dabble in all sort of crafts and even challenge ourselves now and then to new styles or themes.

I cannot wait to seeit all come together at the end, should be a nice reveal to wrap up this month's challenge.

Nasreen - I REALLY like your mixed media ATC! And the word you chose to feature "Create" has meaning in so many different arenas of our lives - for example:

  • Are you creating the life you want to live? 
  • Are you creating a home for your family? 
  • Are you creating opportunities for success? 
  • and so the list can go on and ON....
It definitely has given me something to think about!

On to my third ATC. It features a tad of zentangling. I do not consider myself a Zentangler - but I often enjoy adding and creating simple patterns in some of the line drawings I do. I find it to be very relaxing!

Till next time! The Paperistas

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